Waiters take on Emmer

“Craziness” is how a waiter at Minnesota Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer’s Town Hall meeting characterized Emmer’s proposal for a “tip penalty”. ;What Emmer calls a “tip credit” would allow employers to pay lower than minimum wage to employees who get tips. And there’s more …. 

A waitress from Keys Restaurant reads back Minnesota GOP candidate for Governor Tom Emmer’s own words about waitress wages being responsible for increased menu prices at Minnesota restaurants. Tom Emmer responds. Here’s the original Emmer statement:

Republican Candidate for Governor Tom Emmer says he was surprised to learn that waiters can earn more than $100,000 a year, a good portion of that from tips. Continue Reading

Nurses agree to tentative settlement without staffing ratios

The standoff between 14 Twin Cities hospitals and their union nurses appeared over Thursday, when negotiators on both sides agreed to a tentative contract settlement, narrowly avoiding a work stoppage scheduled for Tuesday. [Video above from The Uptake.] The Minnesota Nurses Association, which represents more than 12,000 nurses in contract negotiations with six metro-area hospital systems, said its members will vote on the contract Tuesday, July 6. At least 66 percent of voting members must approve the contract for it to take effect. The high-profile negotiations on a new metro-wide contract began in March, with hospitals seeking steep wage, benefit and pension concessions from the union. Nurses, meanwhile, made their top priority increased nurse-to-patient staffing ratios, pointing to research that shows staffing levels directly affect patient safety. Continue Reading

Franken cosponsors Stabenow’s unemployment extension bill

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) plans to introduce a standalone bill later this week that’ll continue federally extended unemployment insurance benefits. Sen. Al Franken is among the bill’s cosponsors.  TCDP Editor’s Note: For background information, see Killing unemployment compensation – and hope in Mary Turck’s News Day blog. The jobs bill, also known as H.R. 4213 or the extenders package, that included the extension along with a number of other provisions failed to move forward to a vote last week. Since the beginning of June, approximately 1.2 million Americans have lost their extended UI benefits. Democratic Sens. Continue Reading

Minneapolis school board: How much time is enough?

Question #5 – Current School Board Directors have recently made public their concern for the unrelenting demands on their time and the strain of Board service for the little compensation offered. How much time do you anticipate spending in Board activities, how you will balance professional and family demands within that context, and how will your strengths contribute to a highly functional Board? The MPS Parents Forum has posed a number of questions to all school board candidates and then published their responses on the forum. Thanks to the MPS Parents Forum for agreeing that the TC Daily Planet may republish these responses. T. Williams
The job of school board director is demanding. Continue Reading

Down to the wire – and beyond: Special session called at midnight

UPDATED 11:10 a.m. Budget passed, House and Senate adjourned. UPDATED 6:40 a.m., Monday, May 17 – The legislature went into special session at 12:01 a.m., with an agreement allegedly reached on a budget deal, and promises of a vote by sunrise. No vote yet, though the sun is up. Session Daily reports that the compromise includes:• passage of legislation authorizing Pawlenty or the next governor to have the state opt in to an early expansion of Medicaid enrollment; • $10 million in extra funding for General Assistance Medical Care; • allowing a potential $408 million in enhanced Medicaid match funds to be used to bolster the state’s cash flow, if Congress appropriates the money; and • no surcharges on health care providers.Yesterday’s session included farewells from retiring senators, including a surprise announcement from Senator Mee Moua. Details on the weekend marathon below, from The Uptake and Session Daily. Continue Reading

REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK | Youth violence in Powderhorn Park

Shootings at a Cinco de Mayo celebration in Powderhorn Park on May 9 raised questions in the neighborhood about youth, violence, and community. According to KSTP, two teens were shot at the Cinco de Mayo celebration, two people were shot later at 28th and Portland in apparent retaliation, and two people were arrested in connection with the shootings. Neighbors reported another shooting on the same day, “in an alley off 32nd street and 14th Avenue,” which was not covered in news reports. Do you have information to share? Email brandi@tcdailyplanet.netWhat’s at stake? Continue Reading