Overcoming obstacles to get to where I am today

I am an individual who has an immigrant background who along with other family members was fortunate enough to escape a war torn nation and seek a refuge in one of the most welcoming societies on, earth, the United States. This experience challenged my belief system helping me to realize the importance of education. Being the second oldest of a family comprising of three other siblings, the first generation to pursue higher education, along with parents who have raised the bar of expectations for their second daughter to go to college, did put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. I came across quite a number of people, primarily natives, who complain about the course work they receive in school, but I on the other hand appreciate it for I know the adverse feelings that come along with being deprived from the necessity of education in developing countries. Opinion: Overcoming obstacles to get where I am today
Occasionally I came home with loads of homework from school just to realize that my own mother wasn’t able to help me with it. Continue Reading