MUSIC | Drake’s “Take Care”: Rapper moves beyond lady problems and braggadocio

The current state of the hip-hop union is in flux. Mod­ern technology, a prolif­eration of whiz-kid producers and, quite simply, the talent itself has pushed sounds and structures to new, intelligent, multi-dimensional heights. (Remember My Beauti­ful Dark Twisted Fantasy?)Additionally, the tension be­tween indie and “lamestream” culture continues to dissolve. Artists that were once snubbed are gaining a new level of respect. More deserving of this than any­one right now as he approaches the release of his second LP Take Care, is fresh Young Mon­ey golden boy Drake.Drake’s approach to R&B-tinged rap has always been clas­sic in the thematic sense. Continue Reading

I’d totally be at SoundTown right now if only…

I hadn’t forgotten to renew my tubing license.

There was a monorail between Minneapolis and Somerset.

MGMT were headlining.

I hadn’t RSVPed “maybe” on Facebook to 29 other events this weekend.

Liquor Lyle’s was one of the vendors.

I could find my good glowstick.

My ex-wife hadn’t won custody of the poi balls in our divorce.

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MUSIC | Ringo Deathstarr at the Hexagon Bar: 20-somethings’ dream of the West Coast underground show circuit they never experienced

Austin trio Ringo Deathstarr (what a name!) are no re-inventers of the proverbial wheel. But really, they don’t need to be. Their reverb-soaked brand of rock ‘n’ roll was conceived decades prior by pioneering shoe-gazers like the Jesus and Mary Chain and Cocteau Twins. But these influences are in no way disguised. Translation: they’ve got a lead foot on that effects pedal and a wont for constructing vast walls of nearly deafening sound.

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MUSIC | YACHT bring thrilling energy to the Triple Rock Social Club

YACHT is a band that used to be boring. Initially the solo dance-pop project of Portland musician, Jona Bechtolt, its shortcomings lay in an obvious lack of focus. Sure, Bechtolt has always possessed a singular knack for constructing addictive dare-you-to-dance material, but simply put, it was never enough to generate a lasting buzz. In the ever-competitive realm of indie music, a handful of impeccable synth hooks isn’t always gonna cut it.

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