Be Superman…support North High

Last week there was a lot of talk regarding North High School and Bernadia Johnson’s plan to recommend its closure to the School Board. It makes me happy that folks are talking about such an important issue. However, the discourse itself has left me very disturbed (see the comment section of the original Star Tribune Story from Wednesday), hence this writing.

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Truth telling

(Excerpted from “Betraying Humanity“)

A truism in life – the truth hurts. Sometimes there is nothing harder to do than tell the truth. None of us like to hear about where we have messed up, or where we have inflicted harm towards others. Continue Reading

Why Oscar Grant matters to us all

This is my fourth attempt at writing this. I can’t seem to find the words.

Like many of you, I am outraged at the verdict in the Oscar Grant trial. However, I am not surprised. Some will say that a conviction of any sort is a victory. I can’t buy that.

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Human rights and Israel

In the aftermath of the Israeli attack on humanitarian aid ships destined for Gaza, I thought I would share some thoughts regarding the entire Israel-Palestine conflict.

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Time to demand real change

A little over a year ago millions of people, mesmerized and energized by the message of change and hope delivered by Barack Obama, made him president of the United States. Undoubtedly that act in and of itself has changed history for the better, and is rightly recognized as a milestone.
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Sai Werd Ink

Sai Werd Ink is a literary organization dedicated to equality. Sai Werd Ink believes that the most powerful tool a human posseses is their ability to speak and be heard. To that end Sai Werd Ink runs workshops and residencies empowering youth through the art of spoken word.

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