A more livable Snelling Avenue and managing change

With light rail service set to begin by mid-2014 and the development of jobs and housing along University Avenue well underway, more and more community conversations in Ward 4 are beginning to be focused on the future of Snelling Avenue. In 2012, the City and community members partnered with MNDOT to create a plan for making Snelling between Selby Avenue and the northern city limits a more multi-modal street, to provide better facilities for transit riders, pedestrians, and (in some areas) bicyclists, to be able to share the Avenue more safely and efficiently with cars and trucks. The Metropolitan Council plans to introduce a new type of bus service on Snelling in the next few years (sometimes referred to as Rapid Bus or Arterial Bus Rapid Transit), with the goal of providing a faster, higher-amenity service on an already well-used transit route. Within the next several years, MNDOT also plans to rebuild the aging Snelling Avenue bridge deck over I-94. Continue Reading