FREE SPEECH ZONE | Navigating between diverse worlds

I have called Minnesota my home since 2005, with a previous two-year stay while I was earning my master’s degree in public policy at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. I am approaching my first ten years here, bravely facing the winters that are impossible to imagine when you come from a country that calls itself land of the eternal spring.

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ANALYSIS | More education in Minnesota and nationally — but still not enough

Compared to seventy years ago, the percentage of students who finish high school is much higher, according to Census Bureau analysts. While in the 1940s only 24 percent graduated from high school, today almost 90 percent have a high school degree (86 percent). Also, in the 1940s, less than five percent of the population had a college degree, whereas nowadays, 27 percent of the adult population has completed college or a higher degree. Each generation seems to be having a little more education than the previous one.Another trend that has been noticed in the last decade is that women are making important strides in their educational path. Since 2002, the adult female population is more likely to complete high school than men. Continue Reading