COMMUNITY VOICES | Cold weather chronicles

Cold? Why this is nothing. Let me tell you about the winter of ’94. I remember it clearly…Monday, January 17, 1994  8:50 A.M. -20 below zero The cold weather we are having came down from the North Pole last Thursday, and promises to stay through next Thursday. For months now, the pole has been shrouded in darkness. Continue Reading

COMMUNITY VOICES | What am I doing this for?

Sooner or later, you’re going to ask yourself, “What am I doing this for?” I can’t imagine any elected official not coming up against this question at some time or another in their public service life.The reasons why I ran for City Council changed over time. When I started out, I told myself that I was doing it “because it was my turn; because I wanted to give back; because I thought I could make a contribution.” My reasons were altruistic, and over the years, some of that has remained. But they are not the reasons I serve now—not entirely.For the past seven years, I have lived my life with a little pocket calendar in hand, and there, scribbled on each page, is written the time and place of different meetings I must attend. These meetings are in the evenings after I come home from work, and without this calendar to guide me, I’d be lost. It is the roadmap of my evening life, my commitments.Each day, I come home from work and I look at my calendar to see where I’m supposed to be later that night. Continue Reading