COMMUNITY VOICES | Report the truth – My response to Minnpost

Over the last few years I’ve read Beth Hawkins’ Learning Curve articles on Minnpost about education with great interest. I have understood them as opinion pieces by a columnist that had a very clear point of view about the education policy. Unfortunately, I have to express concerns about the continual bias, poor research, inaccurate statements and lack of context that I have observed in what seems to be an attempt to turn opinion columns into journalistic articles. It is reckless and unfair.Beth Hawkins last article titled “Minneapolis School Board’s self-evaluation surfaces concerns about conduct” published by Minnpost on February 26th was biased (which may be expected), full of inaccurate reporting, badly researched, and out of context (which should not be). I would hope that Minnpost editors would demand that their reporters do their homework, ask people they are reporting on for their response to accusations, add context and perspective, and report accurately.Here are some specific examples from Ms. Hawkins’ Feb 26th article:“A facilitator from the Minnesota School Boards Association walked board members through the results of an anonymous self-evaluation, noting that they gave each other low marks in the ‘conduct and ethics category. Continue Reading