Tea Partiers, past and present

I think it was in second or third grade when I first heard about the Tea Party. I mean the original Boston Tea Party in 1773, not the current rabid Republican posse who have appointed themselves “Tea Partiers.”

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Enrollee Day at Rezberry

Here in Rezberry the end of June is a very busy and exciting time of year. The Rezberry Business Committee has hosted “Enrollee Day” for some years now by providing food, fun, music and festivities, plus chances to win $500 in angora rabbit hides.

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Stirred up by the Olympics

So it is/was the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada if perhaps you weren’t aware. Yer Welcome! I, along with most people who reside in the snowy, frigid North American tundra just LOVE watching Winter sports, we can’t get enough of them during the 9 1/2 months we experience it. I’m telling ya!

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