THEATER | Walking Shadow’s “The Crowd You’re In With” explores the child choice

As a married woman in her 30s who has yet to have a child, I sometimes feel as if my crowd is shrinking as members “leave” to have kids. Of course, I’m not supposed to feel this way. It’s not a competition and it’s not a race. Right? So I could perhaps be considered the ideal audience member for The Crowd You’re In With, the current production by Walking Shadow Theatre Company. In fact, if you’re on the fence about having kids, going to see this production could be therapeutic—the characters take turns voicing the various questions and concerns that might run through anyone’s head as they try to make this major life decision.

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THEATER | “From Here to Maternity” amuses—whether or not you have a baby on board

When asked to review From Here to Maternity, the latest sketch comedy show from Joshua Scrimshaw and Shanan Custer, I was a bit skeptical that I was the right person for the job. Me? Ms. Ambiguous-About-All-Things-Baby? Should I bring along one of my friends with children to interpret the humor about pregnancy, birth and pregnant sex? from here to maternity, presented through february 21 at the bryant-lake bowl. Continue Reading

THEATER | MJTC’s “Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins” is children’s entertainment without any bite

With the December calendar choked with Christmas shows—Nativities, Nutcrackers, shows about Santa crying and A Christmas Carol featuring the Golden Girls—it seems only fitting that some alternate holiday programming should pop up. Hanukkah seems like a natural choice.It’s been pointed out to me several times that Christmas is actually a great time to be Jewish. One can enjoy family, parties, and gifts without the elaborate pageantry and frenzy of Christmas. Of course, there are eight days of gifts during Hanukkah instead of the measly one for Christmas. And Chinese food and a movie on Christmas day instead of church and being closeted away with relatives who want to relive their latest bus trip to Branson, Missouri can sound like heaven. Continue Reading

THEATER | Brave New Workshop lights a fire under Santa in “Brett Favre’s Christmas Spectacular”

The Brave New Workshop and its founder, Dudley Riggs, have won many accolades over the years for being, well, really funny. And just this week, I read in my neighborhood newspaper about how green the theater is, leading the charge by converting its stage lights to LEDs. Funny and green secures you quite a place in the hearts of the people of South Minneapolis, so when the opportunity to review the Workshop’s latest show, Brett Favre’s Christmas Spectacular: The Immaculate Interception, came my way, I knew I’d enjoy going to the show and laughing my ass off at satirical songs and jokes about family. And I was right. But what I underestimated was just how good, this year in particular, it would feel to laugh my ass off. Continue Reading