COMMUNITY VOICES | Free driver education event

CarFit: Ensuring Your Car’s Safest Fit–for drivers 55+ The RSVP Volunteer Program, sponsored by Volunteers of America Minnesota, is bringing a free driver safety event to the St. Paul Municipal Athletics Lot, 1500 Rice Street, St. Paul.   At this educational event, drivers 55 and over will receive a quick but comprehensive check of how well they and their vehicles work together. CarFit will be held from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Tuesday, June 4th.    Trained volunteers will ask simple questions to complete a 12-point  checklist, of things like mirror adjustments, seatbelts, lights, flashers, and more.  The entire process takes about 20 minutes per vehicle, and participants leave with recommended safety adjustments and adaptations, a list of local resources–and greater peace of mind.    CarFit is not a driver assessment program.  It was developed as a public service by the American Society on Aging in collaboration with AARP, American Occupational Therapy Association and AAA in order to increase driver safety.The RSVP volunteer program is part of a national organization that matches people 55 and over with opportunities to serve the community. One of RSVP’s main focus areas is helping older adults and people with disabilities to remain safe and independent  at home for as long as possible.  Interested drivers can reserve a CarFit spot by calling 952-945-4162. Continue Reading