Steve Sarvi, veteran and candidate

by Benno Groeneveld • KFAI, 4/16/08 • Traditionally, lawyers are especially well represented among politicians and members of Congress. Also, there always have been former members of the military in politics—think of President Eisenhower, Senators John Kerry and John McCain, Pennsylvania Representative John Murtha and Minnesota’s Tim Walz.

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MN-03 Analysis: why Our Brave Captain is winning

by Eric Pusey on MNBlue • 3/9/08 • Yesterday the delegates across MN-03 sent a resounding statement that they prefer Ashwin Madia. He garnered 41.5 of 62.5 delegates available. If it weren’t for the superdelegates, mostly made up of Terri Bonoff’s colleagues at the state legislature, this race wouldn’t even be close. Ashwin even made it close in Terri’s home district (SD43) garnering 8 delegates to Terri’s 10. Remarkably, this was the only district that was close — Ashwin ran away with every other district.


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Hands-on politics: My first caucus

by Crystal Holzer, February 7 2008 • At a little after 6 pm on February 5th my car pulled into the Mounds View High School parking lot. I should have car-pooled. It was already near capacity, and the lobby of the high school was bustling with people trying to find their precinct meeting location.

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First caucus

by Lori Wolter • February 4, 2008 • On February 4, 2008, I joined voters across the United States in attending caucuses as part of Super Tuesday. As a junior at the University of Minnesota, this was my first caucus experience. From what I’d heard before I went about caucuses, they’re classified as chaotic affairs, with a constant stream of voters rapidly casting ballots while others engage in impassioned discussion about candidates and party resolutions. Continue Reading

Minneapolis, Ward 2, Post 3

by Heidi Hanse, February 5 2008 • I am definitely out of my comfort zone when it comes to politics. I have never voted during a presidential election, let alone a caucus, so I had no idea what to do. Walking to the caucus, I was very nervous that I would have no idea what everyone was talking about. The line to get into the building extended about half a block away. The people in line were half college students and half non-college students.

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