The National Conference for Media Reform Was a Call to Action

I attended the National Conference for Media Reform here in Minneapolis last weekend to absorb all I could about our national crisis of misinformation. With camera in hand, I documented the event and these photos are up at While at our site, I urge you to see the TED presentation, designed by the Carney Group for Alisa Miller, President of Public Radio International. It demonstrates how widely concerned the American people are about poor media coverage. On line papers like the Twin Cities Daily Planet are a critical link to the truth and to regaining power where it should reside in a democracy—with the people. Continue Reading

Harrison neignhborhood rallies against abandoned gas stations

Pat Carney

The Harrison Neighborhood has made it quite clear—they have had enough. The gas stations abandoned for nearly 20 years at the corners of Glenwood and Penn avenues and Glenwood and Girard avenues are owned by Bobby Williams. Mr. Williams is Bobby from Bobby & Steve’s Gas Stations. A chain of these stations are sprinkled throughout the Twin Cities.

The Glenwood Avenue blighted properties have been the scenes of shootings and drug deals for the last two decades. A random shooting in broad daylight on April 27 at the Penn Avenue gas station site renewed interest, pushing the agenda to get the stations removed. The number-one issue on residents’ wish list is removal of the abandoned gas stations. These abandoned properties are spiritual and financial drains on a neighborhood trying to pull itself up by the bootstraps.

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