DINING | Everyone needs a little sanctuary

And Sanctuary the restaurant, in downtown Minneapolis, is the perfect place to find it. The upscale eatery opened the same week as the 35W bridge collapse. Considering its location on Washington Avenue, just four blocks west of 35W, such dubious beginnings may have overshadowed their grand opening. Over a year later, the restaurant appears to be thriving despite the initial challenges. I learned about Sanctuary from a friend visiting from out of town. Continue Reading

Real estate market at its peak?

First-time home buyers possess many advantages that increase their buying power today, despite the otherwise bleak environment and outlook in the real estate industry. The ups and downs of the past few years have yielded historically high housing inventory levels. Interest rates have been hovering around six percent, and lower, since 2006. In 2007, the low turnover of homes resulted in sellers slashing their prices. The downward spiral of the mortgage industry that began last year struck heavy blows to banks and lenders. Continue Reading