COMMUNITY VOICES | The real world

My global issues class and attending the Pittsburgh Power Shift have dragged me into the real world.       I paid as little attention to world news, or any news for that matter, as everyone else did   before I started Ranae Hanson’s Introduction to Global Studies class this semester at Minneapolis Community Technical College (MCTC). I would read or hear a piece of news on the internet and think for a fleeting moment, “Wow, that doesn’t sound too good!” or “Geez, could that really be true?” Just as fast as my brain let those thoughts in, it pushed them out. I would go on to news about Miley Cyrus’s tongue or some other part of her body sticking out and completely forget what I had just read.             Then I started the class. When I opened my brand new 2013-2014 book, I could not believe what I read. Continue Reading