Savage Umbrella

Savage Umbrella is a local theater company, established in 2007. This nomadic troupe has performed at Bryant Lake Bowl, the Playwright’s Center and at the annual Fringe Festival. For the next two weekends the company is in residence at a local historic landmark that hasn’t been in operation for nearly 25 years.KFAI’s Nancy Sartor visited the group and made this report.”The Ravagers” runs this weekend, and next Thursday through Sunday, November 17th through the 19th. For tickets or more information on Savage Umbrella, “The Ravagers,” or the company’s upcoming performances, visit savage umbrella dot org. [Audio below] Continue Reading

Clear Cut?

Nancy Sartor

This year Minneapolis residents have seen a large number of boulevard tree deaths due to disease, drought, and damage from construction and development projects. More than 6,000 trees have perished from Dutch elm disease alone. And while that number is considerably lower than last year, when nearly 10,000 city elms were lost to the highly contagious disease, concerns have been raised about the sustainability of our urban forest—especially the vast number of trees that occupy our boulevards.

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