Somali-Americans worry about how to help their loved ones in Somalia

Many in the Somali community worry that they may be accused of supporting terrorist organization as they try to help families, relatives, and friends in Somalia. “If you send even as little as $100 to a relative… you might be accused of supporting a terrorist group,” said Said Sheik-Abdi, a Minneapolis-based Somali writer. Members of this community will now have to be extra careful when giving donations or sending money to Somalia. About three days prior to the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, two Somali-Minnesotan women were arrested on suspicion of supporting a terrorist group. Continue Reading

Ramadan and Minnesota Muslims

Every year millions of Muslims around the world engage in a monthlong fasting to fulfill one of the pillars of Islam. Upon reaching the age of puberty, Muslims with few exceptions must fast the month of Ramadan from dawn to dusk. 
“Unlike other fasting observances, Shawal and Arafa day, Ramadan is an obligatory to all able Muslims,” said Sheikh Hassan Mohamud “Jaamici” of Da’wa Institute. While fasting, believers avoid eating, drinking, having sex and fighting. Muslims are also required to pay Zakat, an amount of money that every adult has to pay to support the poor, and are expected to generously give to the poor on their own autonomy. Additionally, they spend majority of their time at the mosque praying for forgiveness and guidance. Continue Reading