FREE SPEECH ZONE | The Marriage Amendment: Protecting the Children?

Throughout history and among diverse cultures there have been many forms of marriage, from Abraham’s polygamous marriage with 12 women to today’s monogamous unions.  However, one theme is universally constant. The main purpose of marriage is to legitimize and care for children. If marriage is about shaping the best platform on which to raise children, then the question is not whether same-sex marriage is morally right, but does it allow for the successful raising of children?Minnesotans for Marriage argues by allowing same-sex marriage “the interests of children – and therefore society’s intrinsic interest in marriage – is eliminated entirely.” They claim same-sex parents cannot compare to straight parents. They demand Minnesotans fight for the rights of children by preserving families, consisting of a mother and father.We must fight to protect family.  I was raised in a family where I learned traditional American values, such as dedication, hard work, compassion, and love.   My family ate together every night, read hundreds of books out loud, made pancakes on Saturdays and went to church on Sundays. My parents incorporated kindness into daily life, whether it be taking care of injured animals or working with the mentally ill, the elderly and disabled kids. Continue Reading