COMMUNITY VOICES | Interrupted: The co-evolution of seeds and communities

In a world full of news stories, one told earlier this week at Carleton College shed a bright light on a dynamic of unparalleled significance. Despite its universal relevance, there was no fanfare. No celebrity reporters. It did not gain a national spotlight.The story was told by a pair of Carleton College graduates who had traveled from their adopted home in Oaxaca, Mexico for their fiftieth class reunion in Northfield. Kathy and Phil Dahl-Bredine have lived in that part of the world for the last dozen years with a community of Mixtec. Continue Reading

Name it and reclaim the conversation

Without a doubt, it is an effective message.

“No new taxes”. Those three little words have captured the public’s imagination.

It is an advertisers dream-come-true; a message that is short, digestible and emotionally compelling.

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Spotlight on Minnesota

“We need to live within our means.” “No new taxes.”  The Republican leadership ‘s budget was predicated on these two arguments. They claimed that this was the fiscally responsible approach to governing. 

Yesterday’s announcement that Governor Dayton had accepted their budget proposal reveals a plan that is anything but fiscally responsible.

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