A vegan turkey day report

Pass the Tofurky, bring on the vegan mashed potatoes, and be sure to leave some room for the chocolate carmel Chai Rice Dream. With just days to go before Thanksgiving, vegans from around the metro shed some light on how to celebrate a meat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, cruelty free “Turkey” day. Emily Hager-Garman, 21, just made the switch from vegetarian to vegan a few months ago. This Thursday, she will be celebrating her first Thanksgiving as a vegan with her fiance and fellow vegan, and his family. “We’re expected to bring our own food,” said Hager-Garman, “This is totally the kind of event where if we didn’t bring our own food, we wouldn’t eat.” Continue Reading

Homeless youth in Minnesota: Tonight on TPT

“A lot of you in the room grew up with a mother and father, had clothes and food. Some of us never had that,” Alicia, one of the young people profiled in Homeless Youth: Finding Home, a new documentary profiling the lives of six homeless youth in Minnesota. Alicia spoke to the group invited to preview the documentary at the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation November 19. What you can do
• Learn more about it. Read the summary or full report from Wilder on youth and young adult homelessness in Minnesota
• Think about it, and share your thoughts. Continue Reading

In St. Paul, Hamline-Midway plans painting to prevent graffiti

In St. Paul this fall, community members and small business owners are meeting up, sharing tips, and making plans to combat an ongoing graffiti problem in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood. While representatives from the St. Paul police force have offered tips to avoid further graffiti problems, including reporting any graffiti vandalism immediately, and breaking up blank or exposed walls with climbing vines or bushes, some community members and local business owners say a more colorful solution may be on the horizon. According to Ginkgo Coffee House owner Kathy Sundberg, so far three to five buildings in the neighborhood have expressed interest in displaying murals on their outdoor walls to help provide a more permanent solution to graffiti vandalism. Continue Reading

Young Republicans working hard in Minnesota

With Republican presidential candidate John McCain trailing in national polls less than a week before the general election, Minnesota college Republicans were not showing any signs of letting up or slowing down. Bethany Dorobiala is the chair of the Minnesota College Republicans, which oversees the College Republican chapters at more than 40 universities and colleges in the state. She says that although Minnesota traditionally votes for a Democratic candidate in the general election, “It’s nothing that’s kept volunteers from showing up… Volunteers have shown up in record numbers.” Since the beginning of the fall semester this September, Minnesota College Republicans have added chapters at three new schools in Minnesota, and recruited more than 1500 new members for their cause. Continue Reading

View from the top in St. Paul

Mike Anderson, at the top of the Highland Park Water Tower, stood on the crowded observation deck, looking out against two downtown skylines, the bald fields of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, and trees showing crisp leaves of every color. “This is the best turnout in five or six years,” Anderson said, dodging a fully uniformed Cub Scout running past him. More than 400 hundred people gathered to climb the 151 spiral stairs up the Highland Park Water Tower last Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and 12. Anderson, who works for St. Continue Reading

Restoring Your Voice:

Five million people in 48 states are legally barred from casting their vote on Election Day because of prior felony convictions, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.Minnesota is one of nineteen states in which persons convicted of a felony may not vote until completion their entire sentence, including prison, parole, and probation. (Except for Maine and Vermont, all states revoke voting rights for felons while they are serving sentences in prison.) In Minnesota, the right to vote is automatically restored after completion of a felony sentence. No court application or approval is necessary. Registering on Election Dayinformation from Secretary of State web site
If you are not registered to vote or need to update your registration information, you may do so at your local polling location on Election Day. However, you are required to provide proof of residence when registering on Election Day. Continue Reading

Coping with recession

In times of economic downturn, some Minneapolis residents are generating creative solutions to help their families save food, fuel, and money. Eating for lessLongfellow neighborhood resident Jean Galligan says she has started to participate in what she calls cooperative shopping. “Me and a friend will go over to Sam’s Club together and buy a lot of stuff. I’ll say- I’ll help you with that cost, and she’ll make extra servings to send home with me. It’s great because then you have more recipes.”
Galligan’s aunt holds a weekly “must go!” day. Continue Reading