COMMUNITY VOICES | The world’s best work force? Huh?

When the Capitol lights dimmed and the ink dried on the E-12 Omnibus bill, the press quickly designated 2013 “the education session.” Indeed, the Education Omnibus bill provided expanded opportunities for students throughout their school career. Dollars for early childhood, all-day K, increased consideration of career and technical education, a smarter assessment system, and a DREAM act that is truly a dream are all garnering attention. But it may be the provision that offers a structure to engage our public in the work of educating Minnesota that will be the real game changer.

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COMMUNITY VOICES | What’s up with 2014 Minnesota legislative session?

The 2014 session will be quick. It’s slated for 13 weeks but rumor has it that legislators may finish long before that. However, this is a perennial rumor! By September 9, 20 bills had been “pre-filed;” by January 13 there were close to 300. Judging from all these interim introductions, expect hearings to be fast and furious!So what should we expect from these 13 weeks?The overarching issue for the 2014 legislature is the November 2014 election. Continue Reading