Hundreds volunteer to build community mosaic in Minneapolis Kingfield neighborhood

Kingfield neighborhood’s new community mosaic involves not only hundreds of pieces of glass, but hundreds of hands. While too many cooks may spoil the broth, the efforts of more than 270 volunteers mean that there will be a wonderful new art piece for Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park and they generate a spirit of collaboration, camaraderie, and ownership among all who have helped.FULL DISCLOSURE: The author of this article is the director of the Southwest Senior Center.Volunteers of America-Minnesota’s Southwest Senior Center and Kingfield Neighborhood Association are partnering to create 10 mosaic panels (for a total of 160 square feet) that will be installed on an exterior wall at King Park. The images on the ten panels are artistic interpretations of traditional textile patterns from cultural communities that use the park. Sharra Frank, the lead artist on the Bryant Avenue Bike Mosaic, is heading up the project. “The goal of the Mosaic Quilting Project is to demonstrate, through visual art, the diversity of cultures in our community and celebrate their shared public space at Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park,” said Sarah Linnes-Robinson, Executive Director of the Kingfield Neighborhood Association.So far, a dozen workshops have taken place at Volunteers of America-MN’s Southwest Senior Center, King Park, Sabathani Senior Center, Ramsey Middle School and Park Elder Center. Continue Reading

It Takes a Mosaic to Build a Village

At about hour fifteen of the twenty-two hours that it took to install the new community mosaic at Bryant Avenue Market, a mom and her daughter stopped by to offer the volunteers cookies and muffins.  She thanked the ten people who were working on the installation for making the neighborhood a better place by creating something beautiful on a corner that had been run down.  Everyone be Continue Reading