Music note: Three-disc set benefits victims of 35W bridge collapse

The I-35W bridge disaster has drawn musicians from a wide variety of genres to contribute studio and live tracks to the three-disc compilation project entitled Musicians for Minneapolis: 57 Songs for the I-35W Bridge Disaster Relief Effort. While the pedestrian title falls short of capturing the imagination, it sends a clear message of what the project is intended to do. According to the Electro-Voice record label, all proceeds raised through the sale of the set will be donated to the Minnesota Helps Bridge Disaster Fund. For more information, including a list of retailers where the Musicians for Minneapolis set can be purchased, see the Electro-Voice Web site. The set represents a wide variety of genres—including rock, country, folk, jazz, blues, reggae, and R&B. Continue Reading

Cyber connection, real people, real places

I’d never been to Wiley Hall on the West Bank of the University, but figured I would either find a campus map or ask a twenty-something for directions. Figuring out how to find “Eric,” the host of the event, presented the more daunting challenge. I’d only seen one-inch square digital pictures on a web page of Eric and the other members, and was told to meet “outside the lecture hall.” The math and biology lecture drew a bigger crowd than I expected, but despite the multitude, I spotted a guy who appeared to be on the look out for people he’d only seen one-inch square pictures of and asked “Are you with MEETin?”
As it turned out, this was Eric, and I spent the next couple of hours watching the fascinating lecture and then going for a beer with the seven other members afterward. Aside from an interest in both Math and Biology, we all had one thing in common: the desire to meet new friends. The Website claims it is “a word-of-mouth effort to bring people together from all over for fun, low-key events without paying membership fees. Continue Reading