New owners for Nokoma in Minneapolis

Against the odds of this economy, the Nokoma is paving the way for homebuyers in a south Minneapolis community. The historic 19-unit apartment rental building on 3rd Avenue and Franklin in Minneapolis is now a housing cooperative with a focus on affordable ownership options, thanks to the Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation. The nonprofit organization, which focuses on improvements for affordable housing, purchased the building and updated the units. They will hold an open house for the community on Sunday, August 16. “(The project) started at the request of the neighborhood four years ago,” said Jennifer Larson, Housing Operations Manager for the Plymouth Church Neighborhood Foundation, adding that community members were interested in preserving home ownership opportunities in an area where a majority of residents are renters. Continue Reading

Domestic Partner Registry in St. Paul: Vote Wednesday

Over 1800 people have signed up for the Domestic Partner Registry in Minneapolis over the past four years, and now many people eagerly await St. Paul’s decision on implementing a Domestic Partner Registry. The St. Paul City Council held a hearing on July 15 to discuss implementing the registry citywide, and the official vote will take place July 22. The registry gives unwed couples a certificate making it easier for their partner to receive benefits, such as health insurance and hospital visitation, and also acts a bold step in the struggle for same-sex couples’ rights, said Monica Meyer, the Public Policy Director for Outfront Minnesota, an organization whose slogan is, “Leading Minnesota toward GBLT equality.”
In Minneapolis, a registry has been active for nearly four years, and Duluth recently passed an ordinance creating one in their city. Continue Reading

Bread, Coffee and Cake in St. Paul

Robert Dubuc hadn’t always thought about opening a bakery. Living in California, he took a loaf of fresh bread for granted. Then, Dubuc moved to St. Paul and instantly missed the array of fresh baked breads readily available in his former state. That’s when Dubuc said he started making his own. Continue Reading

A day on, not a day off: Martin Luther King Day 2008

“Make Martin Luther King Day a day on, not a day off!” urge organizers this year. The effort has strong leadership from the top. In a press release, Michelle Obama explains:
Dr. King taught us to live a life of service, and he led by example. He once said:”If you want to be important — wonderful. Continue Reading