COMMUNITY VOICES | Pink Scorpion comes to Seward

From Ramona Bolton, life long Seward Resident, long-time business owner of River Road Hair Designs. The salon at 3330 E. 25th Street has a long and rich history in the Seward neighborhood. I worked at 3330 when it was named “Patsy’s Magic Mirror,” then owned by Patsy Peterson, who grew up in Seward.  In 1994 I purchased and renamed it River Road Hair Designs. I had 6 foster children living with me and could only work part time. With the support of everyone in Seward my “part-time” business rapidly grew into a thriving salon.Seven years ago a client called and said: “My Maggie has a hair license and is looking for a place to work.” Maggie blew into our lives and has continued to spread her special brand of sunshine. Continue Reading