COMMUNITY VOICES | Organizing and representing the community

The votes were in and counted, and it was confirmed: a dedicated African American community leader from St. Paul won. Rena Moran is now representing District 65A and the community on Capitol Hill in St. Paul.The compassion she has for community and her experience as a foot soldier working her way show in her involvement with grass roots organizations and programs she helped form such as  Leading Individuals and Families Together (LIFT) to end poverty.  Rena Moran partnered with Community Action and together they’re working to end poverty by 2020.“Save our Homes” another program initiative by Rena Moran with community in mind, was created to preserve homes and community roots along the Central Corridor, made her a perfect candidate.Rena Moran is an African American woman raised in Chicago, IL and mother of seven children.  Most optimists would think with odds like that her future may not be so bright. Continue Reading