Annual Minneapolis Interfaith Forums to Address “Ground Zero” Mosque and Other Current Issues

The proposal for a Mosque near New York’s “ground zero,” riling hatreds and being battled over like the ball in a political football game without any referees, highlights our need for understanding “others.” The need has never been greater, and local clergy of Christian, Islamic and Jewish Minneapolis congregations will publicly address the issue beginning this year’s Minneapolis Interfaith Forums, the first session of which will be on Thursday evening, Oct. 21.All too often we “misunderstand ” people of other faiths, like a football defense missing tackle after tackle on a 100-yard kickoff return. Understanding more about our different faith traditions has never been more important, which is why these annual Interfaith Forums focus on what our faith traditions tell us about our different understandings of social and theological issues.Beginning Oct. 21, for five consecutive Thursday evenings, 18 faith-based congregations and organizations located near downtown Minneapolis join in a forum series about how we each focus and center our beliefs in the ways we address eternity, poverty, and interactions with our sacred texts and each other. Continue Reading