Say it ain’t so, Sheriff Joe

Years ago a college classmate of mine from New York visited a mutual friend of ours who owns a ranch in southern Arizona. Enchanted by the beauty of the place, Mark went for a walk by himself. Finding himself in a peaceful valley, he laid down on his back and closed his eyes so that he could listen to the sounds of nature. He may have dozed. Continue Reading

Talking about immigrants: An “illegal,” or a human being?

When I was a child and someone called me a name or said something hurtful I shielded myself with these magic words . . . “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.” Brave and sometimes helpful though these words were, they weren’t true. Words really can hurt us deeply. We realize as we grow that in fact words are powerful and that the words we choose matter. Continue Reading

Let’s not deny our kids their dreams…

One of the biggest moments in a parent’s life is seeing his or her child off to school. It first happens at age five or six, when the child climbs onto that bus in September, all dressed up and excited in new school clothes, Mom or Dad wiping away a tear and waving goodbye. Here is my son, Jake, on his first day of kindergarten back in 1987:

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