REVIEW | Rob Delaney, Neko Case and Kelly Hogan combine forces for a very musical Wits at the Fitzgerald Theater

The Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul held yet another sold out Wits production on Friday, May 10. Although this season of Wits (and every season, for that matter) boasts some fantastic lineups, it was hard to say which of its three guest the audience was more excited for this time: internet comedian Rob Delaney or noted solo artist Neko Case (also a big slice of the New Pornographers pie). While Delaney and Case were definitely considered the “big ticket items,” the addition of singer Kelly Hogan was a welcome one.Comedic headliner Rob Delaney is known best for his knee-slapping Twitter handle, very sensibly named @robdelaney. He was a great choice for Minnesota public Radio’s Twitter-friendly show based on the fact that his jokes are just that: jokes. Continue Reading

REVIEW | Kristen Schaal and Rufus Wainwright deliver an off-the-cuff Wits

It seems the whole of the Twin Cities was present Friday, April 12 for the hip arts roundup that is Minnesota Public Radio’s Wits. Once again, the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul hosted a sold out show comprised of laughs, tunes and a few laughy tunes. As the second production of Wits’ 2013 spring season, legendary “popera” pianist Rufus Wainwright and comedienne Kristen Schaal (most well known for her characters in Flight of the Conchords and 30 Rock) stumbled through the mostly hilarious MPR variety show.Wits leader John Moe was spot on, as usual, delivering his reliable humor in that great midwestern radio newscaster voice. The main highlights included the host introducing Wainwright’s sparkly shoes as the third guest of the show and a bit about various eras’ Timelords receiving cell phones in order to reclaim that terrible 80s shirt and Jamiroquai CD you still have.Schaal was perfect for Wits. Continue Reading