OPINION | Good water, pure science

Thanks to a memorandum of understanding signed by Governor Mark Dayton last January with USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, Minnesota will assemble new water standards. You know that we Minnesotans value our water: we play on it, in it (thawed or frozen), but we mostly drink it.Many of us recall the dust-up over the film Troubled Waters a few years ago at the University of Minnesota. The Bell Museum was going to premiere Larkin McPhee’s 2010 film when the University shut it down. You remember the rest of the story. The film, a winner of multiple awards was eventually shown and vilified by the usual suspects while lauded by the equally usual suspects.In many farming states in the upper Midwest those usual suspects have figured out a way to work together. Continue Reading

Minnesota commons

There is much talk about the Commons and “Death of the Commons” these days. A basic library journal search shows more writing on the subject in the past two years than the dozens (and hundreds) that preceded them. Continue Reading