Now I See: Could be the Best Show of the Minnesota Fringe Festival

I received a second-hand compliment on the capris I’m wearing today. They feature a whimsical mouse family. One of the mouse children is holding a balloon that is sailing up toward my crotch. I’m not really a whimsical mouse pant kind of girl, but I am a “Chico’s, brand new with tags now $9 at the thrift store” bargain shopper. I look like I should be teaching Kindergarten. Which would be frightening for everyone involved. Continue Reading

Songs to Hitch Your Trailer To at the Minnesota Fringe Festival

We’re very lucky to have Paul Strickland back in town. In true wandering troubadour style, he’s currently between homes, living on the road, telling stories, playing his guitar and singing for walking around money. Luckily, he’s very good at what he does. This year he’s peddling Songs to Hitch Your Trailer To, a prequel to last year’s Ain’t True and Uncle False – but since it’s a prequel, it doesn’t matter at all if you didn’t see last year’s show, because it hasn’t happened yet. Truly engaging; one of the top shows in the Fringe: 5-star reviews across the board. Show this out-of-towner some love; you’re actually doing yourself a favor. Find him in the Rarig Arena tonight (Wednesday) at 10, Friday at 8:30 or Saturday at 4. Continue Reading

Fotis Canyon, The Genealogy of Happenstance, and Fiddlestick Conundrum at the Minnesota Fringe Festival

One of the themes that keeps cropping up in this year’s Fringe is anxiety disorder. The kind that needs medication or other professionally counseled coping techniques to manage. I don’t know if life has become so complicated that more and more people are getting more and more freaked out, or whether we’ve just become more adept at talking about it. Continue Reading

The Tourist Trap and The Tiger in the Room at the Minnesota Fringe Festival

A couple observations: if I carry string cheese in a clear Ziploc, by the end of the evening it looks more than a little like I’ve got a baggie full of fingers. Second, the hardest part of writing reviews is finding ways to talk about shows that didn’t really do much for me. Murphy’s Law dictates that those shows will always include people I adore. Continue Reading