Water walkers and basket-making

The Water Walkers came walking along the northern border of the Fond du Lac Reservation. This group was carrying a copper bucket of nibi (water) from the Pacific Ocean. They were going to join with walkers who were carrying water from the Atlantic Ocean, the Carribean and the Pacific Ocean. They were going to meet at the Bad River Reservation in northern Wisconsin.

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2nd Annual Storytelling/Silent Auction/Feast

While driving home from the Sawyer Community Center I pulled off the road to watch a bald eagle make circles in the sky. I watched that magnificent bird for a couple of minutes, his white head and tail, black body, stood out from the blue sky above him. He was just coasting along with the wind doing eagle stuff. I drove home, quietly thrilled by the encounter. Migizi.

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Seven bucks for a bottle of beer

The Fond du Lac Reservation’s language table is once again in operation. David Niib Aubid has agreed to be our teacher. Dan Jones, who was our teacher before, has gone on sabbatical and is now trapping. Niib brings a life long use of the language to the table, in addition to decades of experience teaching Ojibwe.

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The operation was a success but the patient lived

I went from pre-op to op to post-op rather nicely.

The artery doctor came in and initialed my leg so we all knew he would be working on my left leg which was the right one. I transitioned from pre-op to op where I was issued an official white party hat to cover my head hair. A gas passer came in and told me what would happen. Continue Reading