COMMUNITY VOICES | Community building at its finest

On a hot summer day, a group of neighbors gathered in a yard to talk and stretch. Kids played and laughed. Even though it was one of the hottest days of the year with a high of 94 degrees, these neighbors were getting ready to run a mile together, something they do every single day.They run on the street they live on, past well kept modest homes, freshly mowed lawns, and well tended gardens, past neighbors they know and neighbors they haven’t met yet. To the latter, they call out “welcome, join us!” And some do while others promise they’ll join next time.In a time when there are so many initiatives to make neighborhoods and communities healthier, how did this particular one occur?Mohammad Zafar and his wife, Sarah, recently moved with their children to Oakdale, MN, a small city just east of the Twin Cities. Continue Reading