National Novel Writing Month

Have you ever wanted to write a novel?  Do you have the strange notion that you have a story that you should really write down someday?  Are you completely crazy and have a strange aversion to sleep?  Can you type really fast?  Then NaNoWriMo is for you. 

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Red means stop, even on a school bus

It was a quiet, clear, early morning.  The sun was just starting to come up, and a boy was waiting patiently on a street corner, looking for the school bus.  I approached slowly, in my bus, turning on my yellow lights to warn traffic I was going to stop.  The boy, a kindergartner, fidgeted with his backpack as he waited for m Continue Reading

The odds against health care

I love my job, and would be hard pressed to give it up anytime soon.  But, because it’s only part time work and I only work nine, maybe ten (if I can get summer school work) months out of the year, my employer doesn’t offer health insurance.  My husband (who is also a bus driver) and I make just enough to put us over the limit on the free health insurance offered by the county, so for Continue Reading

Middle school conversations

Every year, every route, I overhear conversations on my bus.  Last week, on my middle school route, I overheard a white boy talking to a black girl, first about his disapproval about President Obama, then about race.  It was a calm, well considered conversation, where the boy commented on how he’d been called a racist for not supporting Obama.  He argued that he had no problem with black people Continue Reading