Tom Jones’ images of identity stolen and reclaimed on display at All My Relations Gallery

The images are well known: totem poles, tomahawks and feathered headdresses are symbols we associate with American Indian culture and, more disturbing, with the essential identity of American Indians. But these are mainstream America’s images of Native Americans, and the photographs of Tom Jones, currently exhibited at All My Relations Gallery in Minneapolis, ask tough questions about whose notion of Native identity they represent.

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FREE SPEECH ZONE | For love and money: Six reasons to buy local art

Just because you can’t afford an original Monet or Picasso doesn’t mean you have to settle for bare walls or cheap reproductions. Local art is affordable, and you may be surprised by the wealth of talent that exists in your own city. If you need a bit of encouragement, here are six reasons to “buy local”:1. Original works are aliveDirect from the artist’s hand, an original painting or sculpture may be more expensive than a copy, but it’s alive with the artist’s spirit and vision! Nothing mass produced by an anonymous person or machine can come close to the sense of vitality that emanates from an original work of art. Continue Reading