DESIGN | Fresh blood in Fresh Traditions: Third annual Hmong fashion show will include a male designer for the first time

Tradition and contemporary design mix on the runway this Saturday, as a group of up-and-coming Hmong designers take the stage at Epic in Minneapolis for the third annual Fresh Traditions fashion show.

The show is produced by the Center for Hmong Arts and Talent, a nonprofit dedicated to the promotion of Hmong artists, and will feature six Hmong designers. This year five of the designers hail from the Twin Cities, including the first male designer to participate in the event.

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Live nude art

The first time local artist Jacob Figueroa attempted body painting he performed live at an art show, using improvised designs and technique to decorate several topless female friends in vibrant colors Continue Reading

Home for the holidays—and the family conflicts

Shopping, cleaning, cooking, and plenty of shoveling—the holidays are hard enough without the stress of family conflict. Most families have at least minor disagreements over the holidays, but for some the conflict resides in the religious basis of the holiday itself. For all the challenges families with religious differences may face during the holiday season, it can still be an opportunity to foster understanding and respect, said Barbara Rudnick, program manager of Family Life Education at Jewish Children and Family Services of Minneapolis. Rudnick counsels interfaith families – families that blend different religious backgrounds.Some interfaith families choose to identify themselves as one religion, but have extended family members that are of another religion, Rudnick said. These families can run into complications when celebrating with grandparents or extended family that observe different holidays. Continue Reading

FREE Twin Cities holiday activities

Money is tight this holiday season. Whether simply cutting back on gifts or thinking about shaping your dreidel out of those leftover Thanksgiving potatoes, most Twin Cities residents are scoping out ways to save. Fortunately, there are plenty of activities about town that will get you in the spirit of the season without landing you in debt. Ice Skating at Rice Park (plus free music at the Landmark Center)One of the Twin Cities’ best free ice rinks is The Wells Fargo Winter Skate in Rice Park, where skaters glide around under a colossal tree worthy of Rockefeller Plaza. Proximity to the beautiful Landmark Center makes taking in a free concert after your skate a great way to stretch your day of free holiday fun. Continue Reading