COMMUNITY VOICES | The perils of 42nd Street East

For the past decade 42nd Street East has become a showcase for the conflict between urban expansion and ecology. As a result, the street has lost its identity and now serves as nothing more than an eyesore, headache, and danger to the community. This “evolution” (or should I say “de-evolution”) has taken place slowly over the past decade but is certainly highlighted by these key events:The removal of many corner bus stops:While residents may have initially praised this move, since it resulted in less people hanging around their front yards while they waited for the bus, we have now learned that faster bus service equals an increase in the overall traffic speed. Today, there is a “your speed” trailer at the intersection of 23rd Ave South and 42nd Street East. I consistently see cars and buses blazing through the intersection at speeds between 38 and 42 MPH. The posted speed limit is 30 MPH. Continue Reading