FREE SPEECH ZONE | The Big Strong Men Bring Toughness to St. Patty’s Day at the Acadia

The Big Strong Men are not what you might expect. Although the name may conjure up images of Mr. Clean and the Brawny paper towel guy pre-mustache removal, these are just four young skinny white guys doing the only thing they know how: rocking out While playing at a non-Irish bar on the most Irish of days, the Big Strong Men still managed to pack the Acadia Café and deliver a tasty show. They started out with a pretty standard blues number from their repertoire, “Don’t Leave Town,” which provided a nice segue from the opener, Robert Branch and his instrumental guitar-shredding into a vocals-focused sound. They then tore through a slew of their songs, some of which, like “Soul Saving Type,” and “Somewhere Down the Line,” appear on their demo and Facebook page. At a place like the Acadia, where covers are not allowed, the depth of these guys’ catalog really stands out. Continue Reading