I love you . . . family

Being Hmong, we have this boundary of not displaying our affections towards our family members. We don’t know why, we just know that our grandparents never showed affection to our parents and our great grandparents never did to our grandparents. And so, I volunteered to do this very interesting experiment. Continue Reading

Gay Relationships

It is not very common in the Hmong culture to see our sons and daughters interested with someone of the same sex. But we shouldn’t be judged or treated differently because of our sexual orientation. This is our choice or some people are just born with it. Continue Reading

Victim of Love: Sexual Violence and Relationships

Mai has never had a boyfriend before.  When she found out that a boy in her class liked her, she was ecstatic.  After a while, Mai would be asked out by this boy.  They started to date, and after a while, the relationship became very serious.  However, Mai was only a teenager, and she wasn’t sure if she was ready for all the new experiences that would come with dating.  Continue Reading

College Survival Guide!

Perhaps you were the high school class president or a member in the honor society; or perhaps you will be graduating in the top percentile of your class and may even be a valedictorian. Continue Reading

I believe in being as Hmong as I can be

I believe that I should learn how to read, write, and know how to speak in Hmong. As for writing and reading, hardly any of us know how because we’re not exposed to the real written language. We have our own written language in which years ago we refused to accept it. Continue Reading

I believe in not needing to read and write in Hmong

I never learned how to read and write in Hmong. There are times when I thought, should I take my time to learn to read and write in Hmong? Will it be crucial to my future? Will it benefit me in life? Will it make me feel more Hmong? Truthfully, this is a reflection of me as a Hmong teenager and the decision I have made based upon the historical facts about our culture. Continue Reading