The trouble with Veterans Affairs

I am currently engaged in working on proposed legislation that would seek to divert combat veterans experiencing interaction with criminal justice systems from jail to an appropriate treatment facility in those cases where a link between PTSD and the offense can be established. Opinion: The trouble with Veterans Affairs
As chair of this work-group (at least for a time) I have been struck by the overwhelming response from both sides of the aisle on this issue. From the DFL Chairs of Public Safety and Judiciary Committees in the House and Senate to the Office of Norm Coleman, the bi-partisan interest is undeniable and heart-warming. In addition, from Corrections and the Police Chiefs Association to the non-profit and faith-based sectors, as well as, all branches of the military, the systemic buy-in is truly phenomenal. I view this great level of buy-in as stemming from a deep desire to reconcile national divisions that have never really been dealt with years after the end of the conflict in Viet Nam. Continue Reading