The Time is Now for the Local Community Radio Act

During its’ April 7th meeting, the Minneapolis City Council’s Intergovernmental Relations Committee added support of H.R. 1147, the “Local Community Radio Act,” to the city’s legislative agenda.The Free Speech Zone offers a space for contributions from readers, without editing by the TC Daily Planet. This is an open forum for articles that otherwise might not find a place for publication, including news articles, opinion columns, announcements and even a few press releases. Minneapolis has a national reputation as a strong supporter of community media, owing to organizations such as KFAI, KMOJ, MTN, the Twin Cities Media Alliance, and a strong neighborhood press. The Minneapolis City Council, by supporting H.R. 1147, continued this heritage, and showed that the council supports the idea of a more engaged and informed citizenry. They recognized, as many others are now starting to, that now is the time to pass the Local Community Radio Act. Continue Reading