FREE SPEECH ZONE | Adventures in (and near) the Twin Cities

One aspect of Living Social that definitely gives it a leg up on Groupon, in my opinion, is the Living Social Adventures.  If you’re still stuck in the mind set that Living Social’s only deal is the “deal of the day,” you are missing out on a fun and unique feature.  I participated in two Living Social Adventures this summer, and they were both well worth it.  And by worth it, I mean cheap and awesome.First, I attended the “Sushi Making and Sake Tasting” at Wasabi Fusion Restaurant.  The Sushi Making portion was entertaining but difficult, whereas the Sake Tasting portion was easy but interesting. Continue Reading

Netroots for the Troops

Netroots For The Troops, a nonprofit dedicated to shipping care packages to U.S. military troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, organized its fourth annual event last weekend alongside Netroots Nation in downtown Minneapolis.  With help from individuals and corporations across the country, Netroots For The Troops raised money to send 300 care packages on Saturday.  According to Tony Gattis, the executive director of this nonprofit, the amount of money spent on the care package items was between $30,000 and $35,000 of which $20,000 was spent at the downtown Walgreens.Gattis explained that, in previous years, the boxes contained anything from foods to socks to flashlights to DVDs.  This year, probably the most valued item in each box was two pairs of Mechanix Wear gloves.  Mechanix Wear is a company based in California that makes specialty gloves for all types of use—anything from working on car engines to gardening at home. Continue Reading