What your favorite Twin Cities radio station says about you

KDWB. You love to party! In fact, one of your main interests is partying. Another is likely “shopping,” or “running,” or maybe even “going out.” You update your Facebook status a lot. Your favorite musical artists change every three months. So do your boyfriends, best friends, and hairstyle.

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MUSIC | Eddie Vedder’s uke is easy, though his burden is not light

Who knew this is the trajectory Eddie Vedder was on? The Pearl Jam frontman and world-class brooder performed at the Orpheum Theatre on Saturday to an adoring audience. His ripped-jeans-wearing audience might be wearing mom jeans now, but their sense of awe hasn’t faded. Vedder wooed his willing fans with his baritone melodies, surrealist backdrops, and impassioned stories interspersed with comedic commentary.

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MOVIES | “The Music Never Stopped,” or, “The Amnesiac Hippie Who Never Lost His Swag”

Jim Kohlberg doesn’t deliver your average tearjerker with The Music Never Stopped. No, not just because it was powerful enough that I texted my dad “I love you” afterwards, because it’s visceral and funny and directs a punch straight to the gut of anyone who’s ever resonated with any kind of music, ever.Estranged father and son Gabriel (Lou Taylor Pucci) and Henry Sawyer (J.K. Simmons) reconnect after the removal of a tumor leaves Gabriel with permanent brain damage. Unsure of who he is and unable to form new memories Gabriel is a resigned, nearly catatonic resident of a long term care facility whose days are guided by the note reminding him his father visits daily at 10 a.m. tacked to his bedroom wall.Henry enlists a music therapist (Julia Ormond) to work with his son. Together they listen to records from the only period of time Gabriel remembers: 1964-1970. She patiently listens to him retell the story of the Dead show he never made it to. Continue Reading