FREE SPEECH ZONE | Commemorate the Executive Order Halting Torture

Dear editor, I am writing in response to the notification I received from the National Religious Campaign Against Torture that January 22nd is the 2nd anniversary of President Obama’s executive order. The use of torture deeply hurt our national security, violated U.S law  and was contrary to the values of my faith.  In addition to my personal beliefs on the matter, I see the outcome of torture on a daily basis in my work.  I am the Director of a non-profit ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women, where women re-start their lives many of whom in their home nations have been tortured for their political and religious beliefs.  These women are gaining an opportunity at Sarah’s to grow and become empowered to do good things in their lives despite the horrendous trauma they have been through.  Not all torture survivors have that chance.  And I am horrified to know that my own nation’s people supported and even participated in torturing people. This is my plea for others to get involved and these are the action steps that need to be taken: 1. Continue Reading