Public challenges “reasonableness” of St. Paul Downtown Airport Draft Zoning Ordinance

Opposition to a new airport zoning ordinance proposed was expressed by city and state officials, business owners, developers, and residents at a public hearing hosted by the Metropolitan Airport Commission (MAC) on July 23. About 60 people attended the hearing. The Joint Airport Zoning Board (JAZB), established by the MAC to adapt the Mn/DOT model ordinance to the St. Paul Holman field location, expressed commitment to balancing a “reasonable standard of safety” with the surrounding social and economic land uses. The stated purpose of the ordinance is “Preventing the establishment of Airport Hazards and eliminating, removing, altering, mitigating, or marking and lighting of existing Airport Hazards…” Although the draft ordinance proposes more lenient restrictions than the Mn/DOT model, in its current form the following key St. Continue Reading