COMMUNITY VOICES | Charters 2.0 — Charter Incubation: Refining the charter strategy to close the achievement gap

In Minnesota, our achievement gap is one of the largest in the nation. A recent national study on graduation rates reinforced this. It showed Minnesota’s Native American’s are last in graduation rates, Hispanic students 49th and African America students 48th.  This is just plain and simply — unacceptable.In an effort to address the growing inequity in our state’s education system, Governor Dayton and the Minnesota legislature, to their credit, put an unprecedented $485 million investment in new education funding for all schools, including $134 million for All-Day Kindergarten and $40 million for early education scholarships – large steps in the right direction.However, less inspiring was their goal to close the state’s achievement gap by 2027. 2027? Really?  Another generation of our kids cannot be lost while we try another state experiment that might close the achievement gap — in 14 years! Continue Reading