August 6: The Grimmer side, Forgetting the details


Hello fellow Fringers, I hope that you are having a great time at Fringe and seeing great shows. I know that I have been seeing fabulous shows and have not been disappointed yet. Here are the shows that I saw on August 6.

The Grimmer side: By Rippling Stories


Before Disney defiled our fairytales, adults would gather to tell these metaphorical stories of vengeance, love, murder, passion and longing. What happened while Sleeping Beauty slept? What’s your poison apple?

When I saw that Katie Knutson was telling actual fairy tales, not the Disney kind I knew I had to see it. I had always liked folklore and was interested in what stories she had chosen. First off she had a great stage presence and told the stories with such genuine honesty that is a rarity to find now a days.  I liked at the end she combined one of the stories with a present day news story and told her own life experience. It all fit well together and I would hope to see it again actually before the Fringe is over.

Forgetting the details: By I Heart Lola


Family, Filipinos & Alzheimer’s. Described by Dave Chappelle as “funny, heartwarming & funny again,” this one-woman show will make you laugh, cry & remind you that in the end, it’s not the details that matter.

A topic like Alzheimer’s and how it affects the family it a hard one to cover. You tend to expect it to be very depressing. However I would never expect to actually laugh on such a subject. Nicole Maxali has created a realistic picture on what happens to the family when the only person who takes care of everyone needs to be taken care of the most. Very heart warming and honest, this show leaves you with a sense of hope.