August 2: One Hit Thunder, Fringe Orphans 2, How to Date a Werewolf



Hello fellow Fringers!

Tonight was my first night of the Fringe Festival which did not disappoint me in the least I saw three great shows that really kicked this year off to a great start for me.

One hit thunder: Mainly Me Production


Their voices are auto-tuned. Their mission is real. This is either the dumbest idea the CIA has ever had, or at the very least in the top five.


Very fun and funny show, I could not stop laughing the entire time. It had everything you wanted in a comedy show. Great jokes, witty humor, and good satire that comments on today’s American celebrity culture. My favorite part was the chase scene toward the end of the show it was done well having everything that a good chase scene needed. A fruit stand being knocked over, an old woman with a baby nearly being hit. This show does not disappoint at all, and you better see it soon because I know that this show will definitely be a hard one see later one in the fringe.


Fringe Orphans 2: Orphan harder: Navel Gaze Production


ANOTHER collection of five-minute shows, created by some of the superstars of Fringe. Comedy, dance, drama, storytelling, satire and more. All the ideas too good to take up a whole hour!


I saw the first fringe orphans last year and it was really funny. Seeing that there was another one I knew that I had to jump at the chance to see as soon as I could because if it was going to be as good as last year’s show I knew that it would most likely sell out by the time the fringe was over. Let me tell you the show was better than last years show. The various skits kept the show at a nice fast pace that kept me at the edge of my seat wanting to see what was going to happen next. It really had a great cast of actors that worked well together and each of their talents formed a hilarious unforgettable show that is a must see in the fringe.

How to date a werewolf: Love’s Prick Productions


If you’re a werewolf, dating is hard enough. But when your ex is a zombie who just won’t go away, that can complicate matters. A romantic comedy with a supernatural twist.


I being a sucker for the supernatural genre, the title naturally caught my attention. When I saw that fellow Fringe blogger Mathew Everett wrote the show I knew that I had to see it. It was a great romantic comedy. The supernatural aspect really brought a great layer of surrealism that made it fit into the show. The comedy was great, and the cast members worked really well with each other and you could see that they really enjoyed performing the show. I would put this show on your list of must see shows.