August 2013 CNO Board Meeting minutes


August 5, 2013

Attendance: Keith Slininger (guest), Cynthia Frost, Braulio Carrasco, Lisa Barajas, Marissa Tappy, Paul Hanscom. Staff: Eric Gustafson, Ross Joy, Silvia Perez, Miguel Goebel, Amy Jones, Katie Brickman (interpretation). Consultant: Lissa Jones

Action items:

  1. Paul and Eric will present a 2012 year end financial statement at the September board meeting.
  2. Discuss the potential for applying for another McKnight Grant in partnership with SENA.

Call to Order

Treasurer’s Report (Paul):

  • Motion to approve the June financials (Paul/Marissa).We had a conversation on how some of our funding sources (NCR and McKnight) are reimbursable, meaning we spend them down and get reimbursed throughout the year therefore it reads differently on monthly statements.

Community Participation Program Budget (Eric):

  • Motion to approve revision to the Community Participation Program budget as presented (Paul/Marissa). Eric proposed a change in overhead lowering from $15,000 to $6,000 along with a lower budget for supplies and materials. Our spending matches our proposed yearly budget for 2013 this is simply an update to match our program budget to our yearly.

Board Recruiting Process (Cynthia):

  • We are moving this discussion to the September board meeting.

Policy for Canceling a Midtown Farmers Market Day (Miguel):

  • Motion to approve the MFM Cancellation Policy as presented (Paul/Cynthia).

Executive Director’s Report:

  1. Heard back from McKnight Foundation about the grant we submitted with SENA. The grant is very competitive but McKnight was intrigued and wanted us to apply for a different pot of funds available later in the year.
  2. Looking into a consultant for facilitating a type of partnership/merger with SENA. There is potential for the city to help pay for hiring a consultant.
  3. Vivendo Saludable/Healthy Housing tenant organizing project: Ross Joy is working with the apartments on 22nd Ave. to understand what housing problems they still need assistance addressing since problem landlord Zorbalas was removed. During NNO a reporter from public radio will be on site doing a program on the new initiative. The new landowner, Steve Frenz, has made some improvements recently but there is still a lot to do.

Board Training Curriculum and Plan:

  • Review current curriculum: Eric asked for suggestions via email after the meeting over the course of the year. Braulio suggested including a “How board members can affect change” section.
  • Select extra monthly training session at Clare Housing. Sept. 23rd, 6:30-8pm and Oct. 21st 6:30-8pm. Food will be provided. Lissa and Eric will meet later in the month to discuss the longevity of the extra training sessions beyond the new year.

Motion to approve July board minutes (Braulio/Lisa).

1st Board/Staff Equity Training (Lissa Jones) – 7:00-8:00pm

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