Arts Orbit Weekly: 4/9/09


This week’s picks

Thursday, April 9
The remarkable Shapiro & Smith dance company is opening its new show, Medea Medea, tonight at the Southern Theater.

Friday, April 10
Literature, hip-hop, and art converge tonight at the Weisman as the Brooklyn hip-hop duo Magnetic North perform, with local spoken word artists Jennii Le and Sahra Nguyen as openers.

Saturday, April 11
Lucky you if you were swift enough to grab tickets for tonight’s sold-out Lily Allen show at First Ave. If not, you don’t necessarily have to turn to scalpers; on each of her U.S. tour stops so far, Allen has been hiding pairs of tickets and using her Twitter account to publish clues as to their location. Fuel up your car this afternoon, configure your cell phone to receive Allen’s tweets, and wait for the flag to drop.

Sunday, April 12
So far, Mates of State are bucking the odds by making great music and staying married…will it last? Odds are it won’t, so hie ye to the Varsity and enjoy it while it lasts.

Monday, April 13
Buying that rabbit seemed like a real cute idea yesterday…but now what do you do with the thing? Tonight, the Humane Society of Golden Valley is offering a class on “Bunny Basics.”

Tuesday, April 14
Q: What’s an event even cuter than Bunny Basics?
A: Jerene Mortenson, Greg Mortenson’s mom, will be visiting the Mad Hatter Conversational Salon today to talk about her son’s inspiring book Three Cups of Tea.

Wednesday, April 15
If yesterday was about moms, today is about dads. I’ve heard my dad have this conversation with multiple people:
“That string theory is fascinating, isn’t it?”
“String theory? How does that work?”
“Well, you know the difference between quantum physics and general relativity?”
“Well…anyway, it’s some crazy stuff.”

I’m not sure what Dad would say if someone actually answered “yes,” but I know he’d enjoy seeing famed scientist Michio Kako, author of Physics of the Impossible, who’s appearing today at the U’s Coffman Union bookstore.

Daily Planet arts roundup


Finally, a reason to go back to school! For the first time in Minnesota, you can now earn a diploma in hip-hop. Jamal Denman reports on the new program at McNally Smith. For those of you more inclined to smooth sounds, we’ve got you covered like “Yesterday”:
• Javier Fischer reviews Duos, a revue featuring headliners Storyhill, at the Fitz.
• No, that’s not a group photo of the ushers at your neighborhood church…it’s a picture of InVocation, Minnesota’s most charitable a capella group. (In your face, Tonic Sol-fa!)
• Jaclyn Evert reviews Sarah Oberland’s debut disc A Girl Needs Space—and suggests that you give Oberland precisely that.
In other music news, Jon Behm reviews the reallybig show Glasvegas put on earlier this week at the Varsity Theater, and Brody McCoy has a tipsy talk with Brit-pop favorite Jay Jay Pistolet. Last but definitely not least, Dwight Hobbes tells the story of behind-the-scenes technical whiz Randy Perez, who is currently battling liver cancer.


Patty Guerrero reviews Three Cups of Tea, the story of a man who’s moved mountains to help the children of Pakistan.

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